Press release: Calstock residents urged to have say on flood alleviation plan

The Environment Agency is holding a public drop-in session at Calstock next week to explain how potential works could reduce flood risk to local homes and businesses, and benefit the environment.

The Environment Agency is keen to learn from local people who are invited to attend to share their views to help shape our proposals.

Dan Boswell of the Environment Agency said:

The existing flood defence embankment in Calstock protects property and community assets but is in poor condition and unsustainable in its current position. By moving it inland it can be maintained to a better standard to increase its effectiveness at reducing flood risk and allow the creation of inter-tidal habitat to help offset the impacts of rising sea levels on wildlife.

Local knowledge and experience about the flood risk from the residents of Calstock is important to help us design a scheme that people who live and work in the community support to shape the future management of flood risk in their community.

The Environment Agency is seeking to work with local partners to ensure its work delivers as many benefits as possible to the community. This includes:

  • managing flood risk to the community, and the impacts of climate change
  • protecting the environment and visual landscape of Calstock and the Tamar Valley as an important recreational amenity
  • enhancing the environment by attracting additional wildlife to the improved local habitat on land reconnected to the river

The drop-in session for people to learn more and share ideas will take place in the Kelly Room of Calstock Arts on Wednesday 8 November 2017, from 3pm to 8pm.

Link: Press release: Calstock residents urged to have say on flood alleviation plan
Source: Environment Agency