Press release: Parole Board supports Why Me? initiative for Restorative Justice Week

The Parole Board is supporting Why me? Victims for Restorative Justice in an initiative they are launching on 23 November 2017, as part of Restorative Justice week.

Why Me? are inviting victims to send in comments and feedback from their experiences of either going through restorative justice or accessing the services to begin with. We hope that victims will take this opportunity to contribute to the development of restorative justice practice.

In its aim to continuously improve its services to victims, the Board has been speaking with policy and practice professionals about how restorative justice can help victims. This is focussed on how victims come to terms with what has happened to them or their family, and how it may support offender rehabilitation.

Nick Hardwick, Parole Board Chair said:

“As the Parole Board marks its 50th anniversary it is right that we look at how parole has evolved and the changing nature of our work. Restorative Justice is still a relatively new approach, although we are beginning to see it feature in cases that come before the Parole Board. It is now appropriate and timely that we look into the part restorative justice may play in the parole process.”

Martin Jones, Parole Board CEO added:

“I am pleased that this initiative is being launched during Restorative Justice week and hope that victims will find time to provide feedback on their experiences. I have met many victims, some of whom have been through the RJ process, and I am always humbled by the dignity and strength they have shown. I hope that we can learn from the victims who have engaged in restorative justice and start to reflect on how RJ can help both victims and offenders move on with their lives.”

The Parole Board is fully committed to fulfilling its duties towards victims. These duties encompass legal requirements within the statutory Code of Practice for Victims of Crime which in turn observes the wider UK duties contained in Directive 2012/29/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Further information can be found on the Why me? Victims for Restorative Justice website (from 23 November) by following this link.

Link: Press release: Parole Board supports Why Me? initiative for Restorative Justice Week
Source: Gov Press Releases