Press release: Pengwedna poultry farm public consultation now live

The Environment Agency has received a permit application from Richland Foods who want to operate an egg-laying chicken farm at Pengwedna Poultry Farm, Nancegollan, Helston, Cornwall TR13 0AZ.

The Environment Agency will be holding a public drop-in event at Nancegollan village hall on Wednesday 18 October 2017 from 10am until 8pm. This is an opportunity to find out more about the environmental permit application and to give your views.

The environmental permit relates to the control of emissions from the facility on the environment and on people’s health. It does not relate to issues such as the choice of location of the site, traffic movements to/from site, visual impact, operating hours and light pollution. These matters are considered through Cornwall Council’s planning application process.

The environmental permit application will consider:

  • management – including general management, accident management, energy efficiency, efficient use of raw materials and waste recovery
  • operations – including permitted activities and operating techniques (use of poultry feed, housing design and management, slurry spreading and manure management planning)
  • emissions – to water, air and land including to groundwater and fugitive emissions, transfers off site, odour, noise (including vehicles and machinery onsite) and vibration, and monitoring

The environmental permit focuses on the assessment of activities and emissions from within the site boundary.

The consultation is an opportunity for local people to give their views on this permit application (reference EPR/QP3835YS/A001). You can view the permit application and supporting documents and see a paper copy at Sir John Moore House, Victoria Square, Bodmin PL31 1EB.

Send your comments by 1 November 2017 (11:59pm), either online, or by email to, or in writing to:

Environment Agency Permitting and Support Centre

Land Team

Quadrant 2

99 Parkway Avenue


S9 4WF

General information about permitting.

Notes to editor

The planning application can be viewed using Cornwall Council’s online planning register. Cornwall Council’s Local Planning Team can be contacted by telephone on 0300 1234 151 or via email at

Link: Press release: Pengwedna poultry farm public consultation now live
Source: Environment Agency