Press release: PM attending Eastern Partnership summit: 23 November 2017

On a trip to Brussels tomorrow the Prime Minister will set out her commitment for the UK to continue to play a critical role in European security after the UK leaves the EU.

Taking a leading role at the Eastern Partnership summit, the PM will reflect on the significant economic and social advances in the region and will join the renewed commitments to work together to tackle corruption and foster economic growth.

As the UK prepares for its exit from the EU, Theresa May will also welcome the unified approach to tackle threats and attempts of destabilisation from other foreign powers like Russia.

The Prime Minister will conclude by reaffirming the UK’s support to the region – we are providing £50 million this financial year to support reform and security in the region through projects like tax reform in Moldova and de-mining in Ukraine; we are also spending £100m over five years in the Eastern Neighbourhood to counter disinformation.

The Prime Minister is expected to say:

From agriculture in Ukraine to the tech sector in Belarus – there is a huge amount of potential in the Eastern neighbourhood that we should nurture and develop.

But we must also be open-eyed to the actions of hostile states like Russia which threaten this potential and attempt to tear our collective strength apart.

This summit highlights the crucial importance of the European countries working together to protect our shared values and ideals. The UK may be leaving the EU but we are not leaving Europe, and we are unconditionally committed to maintaining Europe’s security.

Link: Press release: PM attending Eastern Partnership summit: 23 November 2017
Source: Gov Press Releases