Press release: Prime Minister’s Passover message 2018

Today marks the beginning of Passover, as Jewish families around the world come together at the seder table to tell the story of their ancestors’ deliverance from slavery.

Here in the UK, we can all take the opportunity to celebrate the incredible and enduring contribution made by our Jewish community, in every corner of the country and in every walk of life.

Of course, the Exodus from Egypt did not mark the end of anti-Semitic persecution. For millennia, the descendants of those Moses led to freedom have continued to face hatred, discrimination and violence. It’s a situation that continues to this day, including, I’m sad to say, here in Britain.

It’s something I have consistently taken action to tackle, both through investing in security to protect our Jewish communities and through education, with the creation of a National Holocaust Memorial to remind us all where hatred can lead if left unchecked.

The story of Passover teaches us that, while wrong may triumph for a time, the arc of history always bends to the righteous. So, at this special time of year, let us all pledge to stand up and make our voices heard in the face of anti-Semitism.

After all, as Elie Wiesel said, “Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Pesach – chag kasher v’sameach.

Link: Press release: Prime Minister’s Passover message 2018
Source: Gov Press Releases