Press release: Incoming UK Ambassadors visit Wales

In Cardiff and Swansea, the 10 Ambassadors designate met with Welsh business leaders and entrepreneurs to learn more about the priorities of Welsh businesses operating overseas, and to discuss how the UK Government can further support and promote UK businesses across the globe, as well as attract future investment to Wales.

Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns said:

The UK Government has hundreds of embassies all around the globe, each representing Welsh citizens travelling abroad, helping to promote Wales as an inward investment destination and actively seeking export opportunities for Welsh businesses in international markets.

I’m delighted that the UK Government’s ambassadors have spent time in Wales before being posted overseas to understand the specific needs of our businesses and to gather the information required to put them in the strongest possible position to help champion Wales to countries round the world.

Whilst in Cardiff, the group visited the Senedd, and sampled the best of Welsh produce at a dinner showcasing top quality Welsh food and drink brands. The programme also included discussion with a wide range of leaders from Welsh tourism, trade and academia; at Swansea University the Ambassadors heard from the team working on the inspiring ‘Bloodhound project’ aiming to set a new World Land Speed Record of 1,000 mph, and also from expert researchers developing innovative energy solutions that will see buildings created both in the UK and in India which will generate, store and release their own power.

Kate Harrisson, due to be UK Ambassador to Lima, said:

British Embassies overseas represent the whole of the UK. This week’s visit was a great opportunity to speak face to face with a diverse range of stakeholders in Wales. I look forward to helping more Welsh businesses take advantage of the growing opportunities in emerging economies like Peru.

The Ambassadors will take up their posts early next year in countries ranging from Algeria to New Zealand, where they will play a vital role in encouraging tourism and trade opportunities, helping increase exports and growth, and providing support to UK nationals abroad.

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Source: Gov Press Releases